What we do:

  • provide services in hydrocarbon field reviews and reservoir studies, including modelling;

  • carry out field studies, from which appropriate development activities (e.g., new wells [types/numbers], well repairs, re-completions, etc) can be recommended;

  • study and propose the most cost-effective surface facilities that best match the subsurface realities, marketplace and economics/fiscal considerations;

  • study and propose steps that need to be pro-actively pursued by the client to ensure the system is operations ready at the commissioning/handover of the facilities. 

Our proven philosophy is that the client derives maximum benefit by approaching all hydrocarbon resources development from an integrated standpoint that spans from subsurface considerations all the way to the marketplace, and in-between incorporates well engineering, surface facilities engineering, operations and external relations.


These need to be cycled through the client's economics model and underlying schedule, and all set against their overriding objectives.

This approach is the most likely to lead to the 

  • optimization of the ultimate recovery (UR) and NPV cash surplus; and

  • maximization of stakeholder value.