• Seismic studies

  • Integrated field reviews and reservoir studies, embracing

    • Data gathering program

    • Well/reservoir performance reviews

    • Review of drainage patterns

    • Integrated studies documentation

    • Field development plan

    • Drilling/completion/well repair proposals

    • Reservoir pressure maintenance studies, e.g., gas/water injection

    • Production enhancement studies, e.g., gaslift, ESPs, etc.

  • The reservoir studies will be based on 3D methodology all the way, with the reserves (STOIIP and UR) and production forecast as the two key deliverables.

  • The petroleum engineering disciplines that will be engaged in this work will include production seismologists, reservoir geologists, production geologists, petrophysicists, petroleum technologists and reservoir engineers. 

  • Data gathering/project status reviews

  • Close work with the subsurface team to identify possible development options for various subsurface scenarios

  • Conduction of feasibility studies

  • Commencement of the statutory approvals processes in close consulation with the client's organization

  • Development of an overall contracting strategy

  • Contributing to the field development plan (a large part of which will contain subsurface matters)

  • Contributing to the Final Investment Decision (FID) document.


These will be carried out by surface facilities engineers of various disciplines. 

Subsurface Engineering Studies
  • If the client already has an operations philosophy, the planned development will be aligned with it, or changes proposed for the client's consideration, where deemed justifiable.

  • In the absence of an operations philosophy, one will be developed and tabled for the client's consideration.

  • An operations reference plan, a maintenance reference plan and an asset reference plan will also be developed for the client's consideration.

  • Emergency response procedures will be outlined

  • During the FEED stage, focus will be kept on operability and maintainability issues (i.e., overall system availability, equipment criticality, failure mode, and effects analysis, as well as sparing philosophy).

  • The interests of the production and maintenance operations will be represented from the FEED stage to the final commissioning of the sub-projects within the development.

  • Operations staff competence proposals will be developed and presented to the client, in line with the following:

  • determination of manning requirements

  • staff recruitment

  • training, in the client's training establishment and/or at the original equipment manufacturer's facility. Training will aim to achieve third party competence certification.

  • proposal of long term skills development strategy for operations staff.


The services of operations engineers will be utilised here. 

Surface Facilities Studies and Activities


Well Engineering Studies

We are well experienced in the area of community relations/development and environmental management issues, and will deploy this expertise to the client's benefit. As well, we will work closely with the client to make sure all statutory requirements are addressed in good time. 

The Marketplace

​By taking relevant costs into consideration, Kudoz will work to create a business model that maximizes value to the client and other stakeholders. Kudoz will make available staff with the required expertise to work closely with the client to establish the best fit for the marketing of her hydrocarbons. 

External Relations
  • Well feasibility/planning, in close collaboration with the subsurface engineers

  • Borehole stability studies for the fields

  • Correlating well studies for drilling planning

  • Well design, including

  • Multilaterals options applicability

  • Slim well design applicability

  • Big bore well design applicability

  • Shared conductors applicability

  • Well costing

  • If the client requires, development of drilling contracting strategies, tender documents, and the subsequent technical and commercial evaluations and recommendations can also be undertaken.


The services of well engineers conversant with well planning, design and costing activities will be engaged in this work. 


We will work closely with the custodian of the client's economics model with a view to finding the best way to maximize stakeholders' value.

Taking cognizance of the applicable fiscal regime, the focus will be on sensitivities in areas which will impact the project, such as capital and operating expenditures, product prices, reserves/production change, impact of project acceleration/delays to first product, and so on. All of these can be examined at the client's chosen discount rate. 

Individual Consultants/Tailor-made Teams

We provide seasoned consultants as individuals, or tailor-made teams designed to satisfy the needs of our Upstream Oil & Gas Industry Clients. Our consultants cover all the areas of the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry: from Sub-surface (Geophysics, Petroleum Engineering, etc.) through Drilling Management Services, all aspects of Engineering Project Management, Oil and Gas Facilities Operations and Maintenance, including Underwater IMR, QA/QC, HSE Professionals, Supply Chain Management Specialists, Finance and HR Professionals, etc.